About Us

Our Mission, Vision, Values

Our Vision

Leader in trade

Our Mission

A Reliable and Efficient Team that aims to deliver Excellent Service for the Quality and Innovative Products in the areas of Packaging, Laminating and Silk-Screen Printing at Competitive Prices.

Our Shared Values

  • Integrity
  • Reliability
  • Efficiency
  • Hardwork

Our History

Aikyu Trading Co. was established in June 1966. We began our humble roots as importer, specialising in stationery and printing ink from Japan. While attending a trade show in Japan, our managing director chanced upon stretch wrap packaging which was being adopted by supermarkets to pack produce. That was when he saw the potential of charting new territories by bringing this innovation into Singapore.

As with all great dreams, this move was not one without its challenges. At that time, wet markets were still a commonplace. Hawkers and sellers were used to using old newspapers to wrap food and consumers were comfortable simply placing the produce in their baskets. While the resistance was great, it only spurred our team to work even harder to convince both businesses as well as consumers that plastic stretch wrapping was more hygienic, and in effect, superior.

The breakthrough for the company came when Japanese supermarket chains entered the Singapore market and began sourcing for plastic stretch wrapping. That was when the situation turned around for Aikyu. The local supermarkets saw how effective the stretch wrapping was, and slowly, they began to adopt its use.

Spurred by their local success, Aikyu began exporting their packing products in the Asia Pacific region. As of today, we supply ninety percent of the local market, and half of the Malaysian markets.

The company has grown over the years to provide products in the areas of packaging, laminating and printing, to supermarkets, contract packers and the various industries in food, plastic, printing and the electronics. We also export extensively to countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, India and Papua New Guinea, and is always looking for business opportunities to expand our reach beyond these shores.

Located in Da Jin Factory along Upper Paya Lebar Road, our office space, also a showroom, occupies a floor area of 4000 sq ft. The warehouse which stores machines and products is located at Gordon Warehouse Building (approx. 7000 sq ft).

Our Company Philosophy

As a company, we adopt minimal profit margin and emphasise on large sales volume, which means that customers stand to gain from the very competitive pricing policy. Besides quality products that we source for and sell, as consumers at the receiving end too, we believe that excellent service, both pre and post-sales, is of paramount importance. This is why our sales staff to our engineers and technicians are all expected to know the products at their fingertips and provide the necessary support, both in terms of hardware as well as software. Of course, there may be times where one of us may not be able to help you in the area required, but we certainly will refer you to someone who can. That to us, is what a positive service experience entails.

We aspire to be a leader in trade, and as such, we try our very best not to disappoint. Our products are frequently re-stocked so that our customers can receive the goods even at short notice.

As a team, we believe that we need to give in order to receive, which is why it is in our nature to think in the perspective, needs and interest of the customers, and aspire to meet those individualised needs. When we give our best, we receive your love and continued support. That has been, and will continue to be what places us ahead.